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Family Law & Estate Planning

We are here to guide you through every major step in your life and help you achieve your goals.


We draft tailor made prenuptial agreements, marriage contracts and civil partnership conventions after a thorough study of your family and property situation. We also support couples through the legal process in the event of a separation.


Adopting a child can be challenging as it involves many different procedures as well as having legal and tax implications. We provide you with all the required formalities and legal advice.


Wills, residual or two-steps donations, adaptation of your matrimonial regime, trusts and life-insurance policies… Depending on your situation and stage of life, we assess the relevant legal steps you can take and offer the best protection for your loved ones. We are particularly concerned with the techniques of protection of the vulnerable and the surviving spouse, as well as the questions of dependency for the elderly.

Estate planning

When the transfer of your estate to the next generation is at stake, preparation is the key. The estate transfer is subject to various applicable taxes that are particularly sensitive in the planning scheme. Choosing the relevant legal tool (wills, trusts, donations, life insurance…) according to the context is also crucial to the success of the optimisation of the transmission. We are here to help.


We bring you support upon the loss of a relative and help you go through all the legal steps required for the settlement of the succession.