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International & Expatriation

Due to the increasingly international situation and growing expatriation of people, the legal and tax implications become challenging to pinpoint. We can help you find the applicable law and the most relevant legal tools to improve your tax management.

Find the Applicable Law

The law applicable to your situation and your taxation regime may vary depending on your nationality or your domicile.

For example, a French couple who get married in France and settle down in a foreign country for more than ten years could have the law applicable to their matrimonial regime switched from French law to the law of the new country they now live in. Couples very often are not aware of this automatic change of applicable law, which entails unforeseen consequences.

A British couple who choose to invest and retire in a property in France may not be conscious of the legal effects this decision will have on their successions ; the law applicable to the identification of their heir, as well as the application of the taxation scheme regarding their estate can change to abide by French law, thus eventually modifying their initial wishes.

Investing in a property in France for a foreigner can indeed be very challenging. Depending on the situation, a different taxation scheme will apply, especially in relation to capital gains tax.

Estate Planning and Tax Optimisation

So that internationalisation does not equate with confusion, we are here to help. The idea is to plan and, as much as possible, optimise the legal and tax implications of your investments in and out of France.

International treaties ratified by France and the different European regulations, especially in the fields of succession and divorce, now give greater leeway to provide for the future in contractual terms. We also bring our expertise tax-wise especially with the application of double taxation avoidance agreements.